Individual Cakes

Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Fondant Fancies and Cake Pops


The cost of a cupcake is mostly dependent on the top decoration.

Approx guide prices start at £1.00 for a mini cupcake, from £2.95 for a regular sized cupcake (muffin sized case).

Fondant Fancies £4.50 each.   Mini cakes from £8.50 each. Cake pops from £2.95 each

Minimum cupcake orders: x 10 regular or x 20 mini’s.   (Local pick up & delivery only, unless otherwise agreed. Minimum order quantities apply.)

Flavourings include: vanilla, carrot cake, lemon zest, orange zest or chocolate, with a choice of buttercreams, fondant or iced toppings. Decorations are made from fondant and/or marzipan.

parcel fondant fancies jess the cat cake popsfootball and sailing cupcakes red flower cake pops tyre cake pops

mini owl cupcakes web

mummy cake pops web

Sugarpaste Hydrangea cupcake              Mini Poppy cupcakes

‘Red Velvet’ Blue Rose Fondant Fancies and ‘Carrot Cake’ Cupcakes.

Bright single flower cupcakes

Daisy Cupcakes                                                    ‘Make-up’ Fondant Fancies

Moulded red rose on fondant disc.                          Gold flower mini cupcakes.

Pink and lilac glitter butterflies.                        Red blossom swirl cupcakes.

Pastel Fondant Fancies

Duck Cupcakes                          Football Cupcakes with Ref’s whistle and scarf

Primrose and daffodil stripy mini cakes.       Primrose fondant fancies.

Primrose cupcakes (shown with pink flower cupcakes).  Primrose Fondant Fancies.

Pink Flower Chocolate Cupcakes.                     Pink Flower Chocolate Cake Pops.

Scottie Dog with Pink flower cupcakes.                       Dad’s DIY cupcakes

Dad’s DIY themed cupcakes. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Mini cupcake swirls with sugar diamonds.            White fondant flower cupcakes

Gold Holly leaf and snowflake                    Holly leaf and snowflake

Large butterfly on buttercream swirl          Three rose liquid fondant iced cupcake

Green and white blossom swirl                   Fresh fruit with butterfly wrapper

Parcel fondant fancies                                 Glitter rose on pink and purple swirls

Mini flower cupcakes                                    Pale pink rose large and small cupcakes

Sunflower cupcakes                                      Mini multi flower cupcakes

Pink Blossom Fondant Fancies                                 Large Multi flower in wrapper

Large Multi flower without wrapper.                          Spring Mini Cupcakes

Rose – mini cupcake.                                            Primrose – mini cupcake.

Violet – mini cupcake.                                          Lily of the Valley – mini cupcake.

Baby Shower fondant fancies.                                      Mother’s Day Cupcakes