Prices, Biscuit Ingredients and Allergens


Prices vary depending on each customers requirements, however an approximate guide is given below.

Celebration and Novelty Cakes – covered in sugar paste with sugar paste decorations – from £100 for a 5″, £120 for a 6″,  £160 for an 8″.

‘Just Chocolate Range’ Cakes (1 x Deep 6 layer sponge) covered in dark, milk or white chocolate with modelling chocolate decorations – from £150 for 5″, £180 for a 6″, £240 for an 8″

Wedding Cakes – from £100 for a single tier (5″)   £160 for an 8″

Mini Cakes – from £8.50 each

Fondant Fancies – from £4.50 each

Mini Cupcakes – from £1.50 each

Cupcakes – from £2.50 each

Cake pops – from £2.95 each

Bespoke Iced Biscuits – from £2.95 (minimum order of 15 biscuits, of same design or different designs but same colourways) From £2.95 each

Iced biscuits from seasonal shop ranges (no minimum order applies but dependant on stock)

Macarons – £1 each (minimum order applies)

Meringues – from £2 bag (minimum order applies)

Biscuit Ingredients

Our Vanilla biscuits contain: Wheat flour, sugar, butter, whole egg, and vanilla bean extract.

Our gingerbread biscuits contain: Wheat flour, brown sugar, treacle, golden syrup, ground ginger and cinnamon, butter and bicarbonate of soda.

Our icing contains: Icing sugar, egg whites, lemon juice and food colours. In addition, some biscuits may be decorated using food safe lustre powders and food safe glitter.

Allergen advice

Our biscuits & cupcakes contain gluten, milk, wheat and egg. Products are suitable for vegetarians . Our biscuits are made in our own kitchens where we also prepare other cakes and biscuits which may include nuts and sesame seeds.

As all our cakes, biscuits and decorations are handmade, there may be some small variations in colour and design.