For Dad

Juliet Stallwood-Gift ideas for her this easter

Thinking up new ideas for ranges of biscuits is a part of my job that I love doing. Starting out as a graphic designer many years back, means that the designing part is as fun as the baking.

Every few months we create new jars of iced biscuit ranges for Fortnum and Mason, to mark seasonal changes or celebratory events.

Here are my latest Father’s Day biscuits, currently for sale at Fortnums.

The ‘Super Dad’ and ‘Anyone for Golf?’ Jars of iced biscuits.

And of course we have our own range of Father’s Day biscuits as well.

The ‘Hipster Dad’ and D.I.Y Dad Biscuit Gift Boxes. Currently available to be picked up at the Bakery Barn or for UK posting.

Juliet Stallwood-Father's Day Hipster Gift SetJuliet Stallwood-D.I.Y Dad Father's Day Biscuit Gift box

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