It would be an honour

Juliet Stallwood-It would be an honour

Whenever I am asked to make a cake that is slightly out of the ordinary, I always say ‘of course’ immediately and then an hour later think ‘oh dear, why did I say yes, how on earth am I going to do this one’. The client being unaware this, will be expecting a perfect cake creation, so mild panic sets in.  However, being a fairly methodical kind of person, once I set to the task in hand, bit by bit and piece by piece, I surprise myself how much I enjoy working out these more unusual cakes with their many challenges.

And so to the cake in question…a cake that was to represent a Royal Honour. Medals in a ‘cake’ gift box.

I decided to photo document most of the process, when I remembered to, although I was so heavily engrossed with the whole project I often forgot. I’m not going to caption each photo, as it’s not meant to be a ‘How to Step by Step’ guide, but an insight into the stages of its construction.


The Process

I started out with a two bottle wine box, inserts removed. Lined it with cake board and made the vanilla sponge cake to fit snugly inside. I lined the inside of the lid with sugarpaste and also covered the top of the sponge with it to give a padded cushion effect.

The medals were created in stages using modelling paste, which I made from adding tylose powder to normal sugarpaste. The sugarpaste was coloured first, then tylose powder kneaded in and then left overnight in an airtight container. Before use, on the next morning, the modelling paste had to be kneaded until smooth, supple and quite elastic. It can be rolled much more thinly than if it were just sugarpaste, and does not dry out as fast when being used, although when the finished pieces are left out to air dry for a few hours, they dry much harder and are easier to move around without fear of breaking when assembling your project.

The bow was also made using modelling paste, left to dry for a few hours, before being assembled on the cake.

I used edible gold and silver paints on the medals, and used royal icing to firmly attach all elements to the sugarpasted cake.


Juliet Stallwood-It would be an honour 3        Juliet Stallwood-It would be an honour 2        Juliet Stallwood-It would be an honour 1

 And the finished cake…


Juliet Stallwood-It would be an honour

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