Graffiti Street Art

Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Pink Buttercream Drip Cake 1

My partners niece, Lottie, who lives in Sydney, was on a trip back to the UK a few weeks ago and she celebrated her birthday whilst she was here.. This is the cake I made her.

Whilst researching Sydney online for inspiration, I came across Bondi Beach wall graffiti/street art. On seeing a 2015/6 piece of work by Taiya of AWOL creations, I was excited to adapt it for a cake and absolutely LOVED how it turned out.

The cake was a 6″ 4 layer chocolate sponge cake covered in pale sea green buttercream, with a white chocolate ganache drip. I pressed Demerara sugar into the buttercream at the base of the cake to represent the Bondi Beach sand. I made the gum paste painted decorations the day before, so that they could be left to harden overnight. They were hand painted using a black americolor gourmet writer pen. This has become one of my favourites for hand drawing with. It has a lovely soft brush tip. I still use paintbrushes for the finer work and type. I mix ‘Liquorice’ Sugar Flair paste with rejuvenator spirit (ethanol) to thin to the required consistency. The more liquid added, the more of a watercolour effect is achieved.

Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Pink Buttercream Drip Cake 1Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Pink Buttercream Drip Cake 2

This is a picture of the original artwork at Bondi Beach in 2016. (now painted over with a new piece – how sad :-(.

Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Graffiti Street Art

White Chocolate Ganache Drip

100g white chocolate drops
80g double cream.

Put the chocolate and cream into a small saucepan on a very low heat.
Without over stirring (otherwise the chocolate will split) gently melt the chocolate into the cream until a smooth consistency.
Leave to cool, until it reaches the required dripping consistency before pouring onto your fridge cold cake.

Depending on the chocolate that you use, you may need to use more (or less) cream to make it a dripping consistency. I have found that when using dark chocolate more cream is usually required.

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