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Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Pink Buttercream Drip Cake 1

Graffiti Street Art

My partners niece, Lottie, who lives in Sydney, was on a trip back to the UK a few weeks ago and she celebrated her birthday whilst she was here.. This is the cake I made her.

Whilst researching Sydney online for inspiration, I came across Bondi Beach wall graffiti/street art. On seeing a 2015/6 piece of work by Taiya of AWOL creations, I was excited to adapt it for a cake and absolutely LOVED how it turned out.

The cake was a 6″ 4 layer chocolate sponge cake covered in pale sea green buttercream, with a white chocolate ganache drip.

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Juliet Stallwood-It would be an honour

It would be an honour

Whenever I am asked to make a cake that is slightly out of the ordinary, I always say ‘of course’ immediately and then an hour later think ‘oh dear, why did I say yes, how on earth am I going to do this one’. The client being unaware this,

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Juliet Stallwood-Gift ideas for her this easter

For Dad

Thinking up new ideas for ranges of biscuits is a part of my job that I love doing. Starting out as a graphic designer many years back, means that the designing part is as fun as the baking.

Every few months we create new jars of iced biscuit ranges for Fortnum and Mason,

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Juliet Stallwood-Edible Art History

Edible Art History

The brief for this cake was that Millie was eighteen in a few days time and was off to study art history. Rather than mix up lots of art themes, I decided to pick one artwork, Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

My intention was never for the cake to be a novelty ‘vase’

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