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Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Too big to dunk 3

Too big to dunk

We came to the rescue for a client last week after they had been let down at the ‘midnight hour’  by one of our competitors. No names mentioned.

The job in itself seemed simple enough, 12 letter biscuits. They were to match the typography of the logo for a brand new TV programme soon to be released called ‘Tried & tested’. The only snag was their size. They wanted them BIG…

This always makes me nervous. The bigger the biscuit, the bigger the break.

So after a couple of hours of evening emailing with the client,

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Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Robots


We do a lot of bespoke designs for iced biscuits and are forever cutting out cardboard templates to hand cut out the cookie dough shapes.
If orders were large, (there are only so many times you can cut around a template with a knife before going mad), I used to use a 3D cookie cutter maker in The Netherlands called Printmeneer.

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Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Frightful Jars for Halloween

Frightful Jars for Halloween

I still find it odd designing my Halloween ranges in June!
Well we got there in the end, and last week Fortnum and Mason launched their Halloween products. The three Halloween Jars that we have created for Fortnum’s this year are:

The Witch – iced vanilla biscuits in the shapes of shoes,

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Juliet Stallwood Cakes & Biscuits-Pink Buttercream Drip Cake 1

Graffiti Street Art

My partners niece, Lottie, who lives in Sydney, was on a trip back to the UK a few weeks ago and she celebrated her birthday whilst she was here.. This is the cake I made her.

Whilst researching Sydney online for inspiration, I came across Bondi Beach wall graffiti/street art.

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